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When you hear the whisper of ~ Donatachi Music ~ you know you're in for a taste of pop's bright future. Sydney producer Donatachi seems to be shaping the genreless musical utopia we're barreling towards, boasting a veritable who's who of future pop voices in his collaborators and a reverence towards the early millennium top 40 stars as well as modern club boundary pushers in his production.

Across his originals and remixes, the independent artist creates plush soundscapes that are full to bursting with hyper colour sound design and forward thinking club beats, all with an optimistic flair and unironic love of the genre.

With releases on Sidechains and Good Enuff, collaborations with Oh Boy, Mallrat and Boy Sim under his belt and over 1 Million streams on Spotify, his unique ear for glossy pop voices and underground hyperpop has made him one to watch.

Through his 2Pop mix tape series he consistently proves he's got his finger on the pulse of the glistening underground, broadcasting slick club sounds and international pop weirdos with every instalment. His debut EP is set to feature even more hot collaborations, as he hones his sonic aesthetic and sees how far he can push his bubblegum bops.